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About Us – Product Manufacturing, Inc – Production Machining And Manufacturing

Mission Statement

At Product Manufacturing, Inc we take pride in providing our customers with precision-machined parts to their specifications no matter the quantity, material or tolerances. Our manufacturing facility located in Canby, Oregon utilizes state of the art tools and computer software to give us the capability to service requests large and small at a reasonable cost and lead time, all while providing customer service that strives to exceed the competition.

With over forty years of experience in production machining and manufacturing and an extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors, Product Manufacturing, Inc is ready to meet your needs today!

Company History

Way Back When. Product Manufacturing Inc. Production Machining And Manufacturing.Incorporated in 1970, our humble beginnings were set in a 3000 square foot building with a few pieces of manual machining equipment and a single customer. Over time we grew and expanded to a larger facility while adding machining equipment and capabilities and building our customer base. After many decades in downtown Sherwood, Oregon we moved our equipment to a new facility located in Canby, Oregon in 2011.

Our current location here in Canby, Oregon boasts 24,000 square feet of both manual and computer controlled machining equipment. We are now one of the largest machining and manufacturing facilities in the Pacific Northwest region with hundreds of customers in our client base. Yet this growth has not been at the expense of our core principles. Our business is component manufacturing and our passion is exceptional customer service providing quality products to you.

Industries And Regions Served

World Wide Production Manufacturing And MachiningWhile the vast majority of our customer base are¬†located in the Pacific Northwest States of Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Northern California, Product Manufacturing Inc’s services truly reach around the world. Our clients include OEM manufacturers, virtual manufacturers and fabricators who service international markets such as energy, transportation, and agriculture. You will see our parts on snow track vehicles on the north slopes of Alaska, in concrete block manufacturing equipment in Indonesia, and in natural gas pump stations around the world. We have components in cranes supporting nuclear reactors in South Carolina and parts in flood control locks on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

We have also machined structural components for bridges throughout the United States, and manufactured over 10,000 piece parts for the Oakland International Airport Monorail line connecting the airport to the rest of the BART system. We have produced custom parts in the defense sector ranging for use in armored personnel carriers to assemblies for missile silos in America’s civil defense systems.

Market diversity is a prominent strength of our business strategy. Supporting an global market requires manufacturing and quality control capabilities that carry value and confidence across international borders. It has enabled us to grow year over year in spite of the recent troubled economy.

Product Manufacturing, Inc. can be of service to your production needs regardless of location. We are ready to earn your trust and business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.