Expertise Built on 50+ Years of Dedication

Precision Engineering Exceptional Service

From initial concept to final delivery, our skilled team manages every detail of your machining projects, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability.

Over 50 Years of Expert Machining and Project Management

At Product Manufacturing Inc., we don’t just offer precision machining; we provide a comprehensive project management service that covers your project from quoting to delivery. With over 50 years in the business, our legacy is built on high precision quality parts, serving a broad spectrum of industries globally from our base in Canby, Oregon.


As a full-service CNC machine shop, we offer unparalleled milling capabilities up to 63 x 160 inches and turning capabilities through 55” diameters. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes 4-axis CNC machines capable of executing highly complex functions, ensuring top-tier precision for both large and small projects.


Precision. Integrity. Partnership.

We stand by these principles to provide more than just parts—we offer peace of mind. Our experienced team, leveraging a combined 120 years of expertise, ensures reliability and quality in every project.

Skilled Workforce

Our technicians, many of whom have dedicated over 40 years to our company, are at the heart of our operation.

Dual-Shift Operation

To ensure your deadlines are met with accuracy and speed.

Diverse Material Expertise

From steel to duplex materials, our team handles it all with finesse.

Environmentally Conscious

We pride ourselves on recycling 100% of waste products, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.


Innovation meets precision in our Engineering & Design department. Whether it’s a fresh concept or refining existing components, our protocols ensure excellence from concept to final part.


Our Quality Management program aligns with the rigorous ISO system standards, embodying our dedication to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.


With certifications in AWS D1.1, our team’s expertise spans MIG, TIG, brazing, and more. Our unique prowess extends to foundry casting repairs, underlining our capability to tackle diverse and challenging projects.


For customers seeking unparalleled quality and dedicated customer service, Product Manufacturing Inc. stands ready to elevate your projects to the next level. Let’s embark on a journey of precision, integrity, and success.

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