We have established practices and protocols in which we can execute the simplest of revisions to established components as well as “concept to final part” manufacture.
If minor revisions are needed for an existing part then we first process your alterations to a new revision level and create a first article of the part for accuracy.

If required, this may include a CMM inspection and/or a formed dimensional analysis report for your engineers and QA personnel.

We have the ability to either delete the old revision print and programs for control purposes or to maintain multiple revision levels for the same part if ongoing aftermarket requirements exist.
On other occasions, new product development is in order. Many customers ask at the onset for our involvement in offering ideas for manufacturing efficiencies, material selection, quality considerations and overall ease of manufacture.

Our experience includes not only hundreds of collective years in the industry, but doing so with scores of customers and thousands of parts.

This experience base provide concepts and considerations that your engineer or designer may not have seen.
We have CAD (computer aided design) capabilities and Solidworks modeling in house, further simplifying and easing communication and development at the front end.

We can help you more quickly than the Alpha & Beta prototyping, and advance efficiently into full production as soon as the first article prototype meets your approval.
Occasionally we have customers ask us to reverse engineer parts and components that are lacking drawings or electronic files. Standard metrology tools and CAD (computer-aided design) programs are suitable for simple parts and components. But for more complex parts and tolerances we use our coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

The CMM can aid in reverse engineering complex parts and components. Just as it is used to digitize a part for compliance evaluation we can also scan and digitize a customers component to generate DXF and DWG files, creating the necessary profiling to continue on to manufacture.