We have embraced and applied international standards and principles to our Quality Management program.

These principles have been derived from the collective experience and knowledge of international experts, and have proven to provide the framework by which management can guide their organizations toward continuously improving performance.
A large portion of our success at Product Manufacturing, Inc is the experience and skills of our employees coupled with the capacities and capabilities of our equipment. That said, the exacting standards and tolerances required by our customers also requires constant temperature control throughout our plant.

In addition to machining at consistent ambient conditions throughout our 24,000 square foot facility we also maintain tight temperature control within our 800 square foot quality control room. Here our QA technicians can measure and verify dimensions and tolerances in an environment controlled to +/- 2 degrees Celsius.
We provide coordinate measuring capabilities to our customers in addition to standard ISO-calibrated metrology tools. Our Romer coordinate measuring arm provides the accuracies, flexibility and formal quality assurance documentation required to meet many of our customer needs.

The CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) process involves the digitization and comparison of a physical part to the designed dimensions and tolerances. This can be performed with or without a solid model file.
Our quality control program is structured to conform to established ISO principles, and we perform routine calibration to our metrology tools on a daily basis. Additionally our formal certification program includes the calibration and dated certification of all control tooling quarterly throughout the year.

While this may seem extreme to some, our adherence to this standard of calibration and certification qualifies us to many of the most rigorous and demanding quality standards found in the international marketplace.