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Welcome to Product Manufacturing, Inc. We are a full service production machine shop focused on project and production machining, delivering high precision quality parts to a wide variety of industries and regions around the world. Our state of the art CNC machining workcenters utilize the latest technologies at hand to perform a wide variety of production machining services over a broad spectrum of materials. Coupled with our manual work centers, we offer one stop shopping CNC machine services that include a range of secondary processes to save our customers time and money.

Serving The Pacific Northwest States Of Oregon, Washington And Idaho

Product Manufacturing, Inc is the leading CNC machining service and production machining facility in the Pacific Northwest. Serving Oregon, Washington and Idaho since 1970, Product Manufacturing, Inc has grown to expand its reaches to the rest of the nation and overseas. We may be a little farther than you might like, but when time, precision and cost are a factor our superior work and short lead time make the distance seem like we are right next door!

Proudly Made In The USA

Product Manufacturing, Inc is located in Canby, Oregon where we take pride in the meaning of Made In the USA. Choosing Product Manufacturing, Inc for your production machine shop assures the quality in your parts will surpass offshore manufacturing while keeping the local economy growing. There are no language barriers found with offshore facilities, leading to mistakes and misinterpretations that can cost you time and money in the end. We use ISO standards for all tool calibration and quality control procedures ensuring you receive a quality part that meets your design specifications with minimal fuss and hassle.

Environmentally Friendly

Product Manufacturing, Inc utilizes the latest environmentally friendly technologies for recycling 100% of its waste products during the machining and manufacturing process, conforming to the very strict standards the state of Oregon is widely known for. Preserving the wildlife and environment in our beautiful state is a primary concern.

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